Parallax web design: Classification & how to do it right

Web design trends change every year only to present something far more radical presents than the latter. Though, most of what we’ve seen throughout 2017 is likely to remain the next year as well, there’re few modifications worth keeping an eye on. One must consider all possibilities that internet presents about website design, theme and pattern. It’s like taking human imagination on a roller coaster ride to achieve uniqueness and a competitive edge.

Parallax scrolling web design enhanced user’s interaction of online viewing. Web designers are always exploring newer ways to heighten their online presence however; overusing the technique may compromise the design. The coming of newer technologies and modification in programming languages made websites more realistic and engaging. While the effects can be tricky to achieve, they surely produce remarkable results.

Parallax went through tremendous shifts but all have one thing in common; pointer movement or page scrolling are used to give animation effects to a website. Most of the websites we see today are affected in more than one way. With animations and effects, don’t overdo it or else users are likely to repel. Surely you’re all excited about technologies shaping design for upcoming year; let’s look at raging trends for 2017-18.

Evolution & development

The very term “parallax” emerged from 2D visual effects in scrolling videogames using various background images for aesthetic appeal. Background of the game moves slower than foreground that makes deeply attractive; same concept is applied to parallax design. It’s like this; background of the website moves at a different speed than rest of the page giving extraordinary visual effects. It allows developers to use innumerable applications for online storytelling.

Attractive website features

With parallax design, a website provides outstanding opportunity to;

  • Amaze viewers with creative animation and page-depth
  • Story-telling approach provide guidance to visitors about website features and uses
  • Encourage visitors scrolling entire site by keeping each page or slide creative and fervent
  • Provokes inquisitiveness and call to action
  • Enhance website integrity with unique viewing experience

Tips for success

To ensure success of your parallax website, better check the tips provided below;

  • Don’t use the design excessively or it’ll compromise the “user-friendly” attribute
  • Best to tell visual story while balancing the design and other crucial elements
  • Use depth layering to make the site more fun and appealing
  • Make it work with old and new browsers including those of mobile devices

Other possibilities

Developers can integrate 3D effects to a site using parallax web design. It’s more effective with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones since you don’t need to click on a different link while changing pages; simply scroll and enjoy. If you’re looking for reasonable designs for your website, prioritise parallax.


With illustrations and animations, parallax web design is both fun and educating for audience. Youngsters find it more interesting when it comes to create school and college website designing projects.

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