Methods Used for Breast Lump Screening in Los Angeles That Have Proved their Worth

How will you know the root of the abnormal lump form in the breast? This is where breast cancer screening comes to play. The breast lump screening in Los Angeles is one of the best. Breast cancer can be cured with early detection. So, the woman of Los Angeles has the opportunity to preserve their health because they can take advantage of the different types of breast cancer screening methods available. The various screening methods of today related to breast cancer help to detect its presence at an early stage.

First of all, you need to get into the habit of breast self-exam on a routine basis. This is actually the very first step towards breast cancer screening. All adult women are thus encouraged to conduct self-exams, at least once a month. This will make you aware of your natural shape and feel and if any changes seem to happen, you’ll know instantly and you can visit the doctor sooner. So, you see how the entire process takes pace.

The breast lump screening in Los Angeles includes the following methods:

Mammography & digital mammography:

Women, who are at an average risk of having breast cancer, can be primarily screened through the method called Mammography. In this method, an X-ray radiation passes through the breast which in turn creates an image on the recording plate. The dose of radiation is low in order to identify the malignant tumors that are difficult to feel by hand. If the breast lump has already been identified, a mammogram can further investigate it.

If the question is of pre-menopausal or younger women, mammography does not suffice in detecting breast cancer. This is due to the reason that they have denser tissues compared to older women thus, making them difficult to read. On a mammogram, the breast cancer appears in white. But, the breast tissues of younger girls are also white.

The best part about digital mammogram images is that they can be contrast adjusted and enlarge. This makes it easier for radiologists to concentrate on areas that are suspicious. This advanced mammography technology enables the detection of breast cancer even if the breast tissues are dense.

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

In this method a powerful radio frequency pulses and magnetic field. They are processed in a computer creating images of the tissues and organs. An MRI in contrast to X-rays requires intravenous contrast injections.

Invasive breast cancers can be effectively detected using the MRI screening method. However, please note that this procedure is not for the general population. It is only recommended for women who are at high risk for breast cancer.


Also known as sonography, this method of screening creates the images by using high-frequency sound waves that are emitted by a transducer. When it comes to the evaluation of abnormalities on regular mammograms, ultrasound works well. To perform needle biopsies, ultrasounds are often used as a guide. But as an individual screening tool for breast cancer, it is not very useful. This method is generally used after the lump has been already detected by mammography.

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