How to Have Many Subscribers on YouTube

Do you want to be famous on YouTube? Did you receive a notification to have the widest possible reach? Maybe you just want to make the world laugh. No matter what your goal is, the way to achieve it is by increasing the number of subscribers on YouTube. If you follow this guide you will know how to increase the number of visits and subscribers to your channel.

Part 1

Create content often

Upload videos at least once a week. One of the most important aspects to increase the number of subscribers is to publish as much content as possible. The more videos you have, the more popular your channel will be. Publishing more videos means that more search results will appear which will generate more subscribers. Remember that publishing too many videos per week will saturate the channel and it will be difficult for visitors to find what they were looking for.

Part 2

Make a schedule and stick to it

Try to upload videos on a regular basis during the week. Allow subscribers to know when you will upload a video again to visit your channel when it is published. People are more likely to subscribe to someone who produces content on a regular basis, rather than someone who uploads videos from time to time.

Part 3

Label the videos appropriately

Make sure all the tags match the content of your videos. If someone looks for something and your video appears because it is mislabeled, it will close it a few seconds later and will not enter again. Appropriate tags ensure that your videos are shown in relevant searches. Use single-word or multi-word tags, since sometimes people search for phrases.

Part 4

Take time to write a good title

A video with a good title will stand out much more in search results than a badly written one. For example, assuming you make a video about how to bake cookies. A poorly written title will say “bake delicious cookies”, while a well written one will say “bake tender and delicious cookies in less than 15 minutes”. The second title is much more descriptive and contains more keywords for when someone does a search. You might need some solutions to get free subscribers.

Part 5

Write meaningful descriptions

Only the first lines of the description will appear when the video is shown in the results, so make sure that the beginning correctly explains the video and what the visitors will see. Make sure you include many keywords in the description, but not too many to make it difficult to read.

Part 6

Project the videos

Write a script although it is possible to create improvised, successful videos, writing a script will help you create consistent programming. Also, you will avoid deviating from the subject and you will be able to concentrate on the content for your audience. If you do a video blog, you may want to make a rough draft of what you want to say, continue and ramble.

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