Make Keywords Work to Your Advantage – SEO Fundamentals You Cannot Ignore!

Keywords are important for SEO because it helps in earning good search rankings, but this is only a part of the whole story. Unless the keywords and ranks work together, you will not derive the business gains your target. You have to choose the appropriate keywords that lead to better business prospects by driving quality traffic to the website, and these keywords must earn good ranks, not just any other keywords. Although all keywords that you choose a point to your business, some are more specific in creating conversions and are the ones that help to earn revenue very fast. Therefore, to be happy with search rankings you have to ensure that particular keywords rank high in SERP. To achieve it, you have to send the right signals to search engines for recognizing and picking up the keywords that are most important for your business.

Start optimizing for keywords

For allowing search engines to be selective about keywords to make the keywords work in your favor for business besides earning good ranks, you have to go through the process of optimization. First, create a visual guide to keyword targeting and on-page SEO so that you can focus on the specifics instead of searching too much. Be careful to avoid the trap of over-optimization that can create problems instead of doing any good.  The process of optimization begins by knowing your current rankings so that you can start measuring the progress against it. Using a rank tracking tool makes the task easy which if done manually, which is entirely possible, will take much longer time.

Try out keyword variations

There are many challenges you would encounter in selecting the right keywords because the most remunerative or keywords that promise high returns are those that face the fiercest competition and hence most expensive. These are keywords dominated by the leading SEO players with strong financial muscles.To stay away from the heat of competition yet score well, remain flexible in the choice of keywords so that you can work your way around without being far away from the target. It would help to avoid too much competition while you could find a place to stage a fight that takes you forward.

Being rigid with your choices will only put you in front of influential contenders and deny the opportunity of setting up the campaign in the way you want.Choosing variations of keywords is an excellent way to remain close to the target and work your way towards the goal.

Expectations have to be realistic

By recognizing the keywords that have potential to give business, returns helps to set realistic expectations. However, you should be able to realize the power of the keywords. Judging keywords from various perspectives should let you know about its potential in driving traffic concerning the competition that it faces. While the traffic driving capabilities of the chosen keywords should make you smile, you should also have the courage and conviction of standing up firm against competition and work your way through.

Learn from the competitors

Turn to the websites that have succeeded in appearing at the top of the search results by using the keywords. Judge the extent of the authority of the sites and understand whether the ranking includes any particular domain or page. Gather as much information about the websites as you can and even compare the quality of content with yours. On completing the exercise, you get an idea about some alternate keywords that could be more realistic and effective but less competitive so that you have a Plan B ready in place. If the most preferred keyword remains out of bounds for you, you have keywords closest to it.

Look for alternatives

If you find it almost impossible to make headway with the selected keywords, change tact and turn to long tail keywords. During keyword research, you must have gathered long tail keywords, and now it is time to figure out the ones with low competition but capable of driving high traffic. Together with the techniques of page optimization, you should comfortably find your way forward. The trick to success is to cling on to keywords that work to a fair extent instead of striving to hit the jackpot that remains ever elusive.

Give importance to internal links

As backlinks are essential for SEO, so also are internal links because the way you create internal links lead users to the targeted pages. You can do this by providing variations of the keyword to the anchor text on all other pages. Search engines look at the internal links to determine the importance of pages because pages that have the most number of internal links are essential for crawling and indexing.

The above strategies and actions together with smart measures in on page SEO can show the way to success.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a digital marketer who is experienced in formulating a visual guide to keyword targeting and on page SEO, that he has done for several companies. Derek is also a blogger and has launched a review website of his own very recently. He is a pet lover and cats fascinate him a lot.

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