How to Get Rid of Annoying Blackheads by Using Natural Remedies

Blackheads are common and if you even face them, you then know how annoying they are! You might try a lot of treatment for getting rid of the blackheads. But you know what, blackheads are very small and don’t go forever and also don’t let your skin be cleaned properly. But you can try some natural and easy home remedies that are easy to use and effective. In this article, we’ve included some natural remedies for getting rid of those annoying blackheads. Check it out-

  1. Honey Pot-Down:

You may know honey has a great value in the skin care treatment. And the honey-pot down is a great natural remedy for treating blackheads. The honey-pot down is an effective, easy and cheap treatment. To apply this, you have to clean your skin with water properly before beginning. Pour a little amount of honey simply on your finger and put it rapidly over the blackhead affected areas gently with a smooth motion.

After sometimes, when the honey sticks, pull it out of the skin. It will remove the pores. On the other hand, the honey offers antioxidant and antibacterial support to your skin which allows you to get a healthy skin and don’t let the blackheads back again easily.

  1. Egg White:

Though the egg white is a little bit annoying to use because of its disturbing smell, but it’s also a good remedy for blackhead treatment. We recommend you not to try this method and to use other methods if you don’t like the smell of the egg. To use this remedy, first of all, clean your face properly and take the egg white in a bowl.

After that, use your finger and apply a thin layer of egg white on the affected area. Wait and let it dry. When the first layer dries completely, spread a second layer on the first one. Applying 2 layers is enough, but you may also consider for third one too if you want.

Allow the mask around 15 minutes to dry completely; you’ll feel the mask tight then. It means you’re ready to take it off. Finally, wash the face with warm water and mild soap and get a smooth and soft face.

  1. Lemon, Honey & Sugar:

This is a quite simple method. Just cut a lemon in half and cover the cut surface with enough honey. After that, sprinkle the cut pieces of the lemon with 2 sugar pinches (cane sugar is recommended). Now, massage the affected areas gently with the natural sponge (lemon piece) in a circular motion. Apply this treatment once a week, don’t do it more.

  1. Vaseline with Plastic Wrap:

The night, after the shower is the best time to use this treatment as the heat from the water opens the pores of your skin. Apply the Vaseline on the affected areas of the skin and place the plastic wrap over the Vaseline. After then, take a hot towel and apply it on the Vaseline. Let the temperature back down to the room temperature. Then remove excess Vaseline with tissue paper. Finally, soak a cotton pad with lotion over the skin.

  1. Cinnamon with Oat Flour:

Cinnamon with oat flour is another natural homemade remedy for blackheads. Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of oat flour and add some warm water to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to your face with your fingers in a circular motion and gently. Scrub it for about a minute and then wash the face with cold water.

  1. Activated Charcoal with Green Clay:

Mix a teaspoon of green clay, ½ teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and ½ teaspoon of warm water in a pot and make a paste. Make the paste smooth by mixing well. Take a sponge or brush and apply the paste on your face. Wait for a few minutes and let it dries. Finally, rinse the mixture well with cold water. Do it once or twice a week.

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