How a lawyer can help you get FSSAI license hassle free?

Every business that is related to food requires an FSSAI license or registration. The permit contains a fourteen digit number which acts as your ID, and you will have to use it for further operations. These licenses can vary from each other depending on the size of your business and the scale of activities that are being carried out by your company. The main three types of FSSAI registration are:

FSSAI Basic Registration- this registration is for businesses that handle small scale operations and have a turnover of fewer than 12 lakhs per year.

FSSAI State License- this registration is for businesses that handle medium scale operations and have a turnover of more than 12 lakhs but less than 20 crores.

FSSAI Central License- this registration is for businesses that handle large scale operations and have a turnover of more than 20 crores per year.

FSSAI is one of the most necessary licenses required by a new restaurant. It is basically a registration number which is given to traders, manufacturers and restaurant owners. They, in turn, have to print this number on all their food packages. It might look like a 14 digit number, but it can do wonders to your company. It gives assurance that the food you are serving is of good quality and there is no case of contamination. Hiring a lawyer can make the job easy for you as you will not have to take the burden of doing things on your own. If you are wondering how to get FSSAI license, then don’t worry as you will find a number of lawyers in the market who will work for you. They can help you in the following ways:


Once you have contacted a lawyer for FSSAI registration, they will match your eligibility with the specifications mentioned in the website. In order to understand your needs, they might give you a questionnaire. Answering these questions will enable them to understand your requirements clearly, and they will be able to work on it correctly. They will also provide with the details of the documents that you need to handover.


After you receive the list they have sent, you will get a fair idea of the documents that you will need for the procedure. Accumulate these documents and send a scan to your lawyer through email. These documents will include- Signed application form, Photo ID proof, Proof of possession of the land, Article of Association, list of food items that your company will be dealing with, and the plan for FSS management.


Upon receiving the documents, your lawyer will immediately draft and submit your application. He will take care of all the details that will be required while filling up the registration form such as phone number, email id, etc. From username to password, your lawyer will ensure that everything goes smooth.

Examine the application

Once the application process is done, the FSSAI authority will inspect the application and food quality at your premises. During this stage, your lawyer will make sure that he is following up with the authorities.

FSSAI License

The last step is getting the license, which will take around forty to fifty days after the application. Once your lawyer receives the documents, he will send it to you.

When you talk about how a restaurant is a profitable business you forget the most crucial aspect that contributes to this profit. The most important factor that makes this business profitable is that they deal with liquor. A lawyer can help you get a license even for that.  

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