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In men prostate cancer is one of the most popular types of cancer. In fact the number of cases associated with this disorder are on the higher side. It is a cancer of the prostate gland that tends to occur in the male reproductive system. This tends to take place in women who are above the age of 50 years. In some of the cases it is not going to show any symptoms or signs as a result it is difficult to detect it as well. In some cases it could lead to death as well. The growth rate of this cancer is on the lesser side but they could be aggressive as well. At an initial level this type of cancer is not going to show any major signs of symptoms, but you are likely to face difficulty in urinating or death in the later stages of life as well.

The main causes of this type of cancer

  • Age- in case of men less than 50 years it is less. Though it is all the more common in case of men who are above 70
  • Family history- if any of the family members have a history of prostate cancer then the risk does go on to increase by 3 to 4 times. This is in comparison to an average person
  • Ethnicity- it is more common in certain races like the Africans in comparison to Asians
  • Sexual history- studies does point to the fact that the chances of prostate cancer does increase if you have multiple partners or you have gone on to indulge in sexual activities from a young age.
  • Vasectomy- In case of men who have undergone vasectomy their chances of prostate cancer does increase all the more.

The recovery phase of the surgery

  • To start off a catheter is going to be placed until and unless the surgeon is of the opinion that it is safe to remove it off
  • After a month of the procedure patients could return to their normal activities. As far as the recovery is concerned in case of outpatients it is fast.
  • If you are able to prevent infection in the incision then the occurrence of scars does reduce coupled with the fact that complications are bound to be lesser with this type of surgery
  • There are risks where you could face a situation of impotence after a surgery. This is all the more so immediately once a surgery is over.

As far as the prostate cancer treatment in India is concerned it is an apt choice. The main reason is that since it happens to be a reproductive organ a lot of care needs to be taken. You would need to avail the services of quality surgeons who have a track record of being part of successful surgeries. You can rely on the expertise of these surgeons with blind eyes as complications are bound to be less with better success outcomes in terms of results at the same time as well.

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