Accounting with Care

Select Software for Accounting with Care

The business, production, and manufacturing are known as the backbone of the economy of any country which cannot be ignored under any circumstances. In case you are the owner of some small business you would like to do something that you find very interesting is to make money instead of carrying out accounting. Almost all […]

Nano Technology

Understanding Nano Technology and Nano Science

You’ve probably seen movies and read articles featuring nanotechnology. However, do you understand nanoscience and nanotechnology? Can you say that, even with an accounting background and experience in CRA audit procedures, you understand the basics of nanotechnology? You may wonder why we are taking time to look at this seemingly complicated subject. But, looking at […]

Virtual Phone Numbers

Get to Know More About Virtual Phone Numbers

These days the people have become very techno savy and they exploit the technology in best ways possible. They have understood the true worth of the facilities being provided to them. The only way to enrich yourself with more and more knowledge can only be guaranteed by using the latest best technology possible. The recent […]

Greener data Centre

7 initiatives for a Greener data Centre

Since the dawn of advance IT and virtual computing, both small and multinational companies rely on cloud technology to carry out their everyday operations. As we all know, tier 3 data centre house hundreds to sometimes thousands of servers processing information at nanoseconds. Each server caters multiple users registered for private or shared services. Working […]