Breast cancer: 4 less known facts

Across the globe, both women and men are said to suffer in huge numbers from breast cancer. It is for this reason, the web is full of precious information about this type of ailment helping people to know what is to be done and avoided. Many women are found to be seeking screenings proactively to detect cancer much early and also adopting healthy lifestyles to avoid it. People diagnosed with this disease may resort to availing alternative treatment options. There are specialists who can offer their patients with various types of integrative medicines, including ozone therapy and chelation therapy.

Some interesting facts to know about breast cancer

The truth is Breast Cancer cost in India is quite low when compared to other developing countries in the world. Moreover, the presence of qualified and experienced physicians who are experts in the domain does offer patients from all over the world to come down to this beautiful country to seek affordable medical assistance. Some facts one should know about breast cancer.

  • An epidemic: It is a dangerous disease that is slowly increasing every year. Thousands of women all over the world are known to die from this disease. In order to survive, it is very much important to detect it much early. The death rates only have increased with time for this disease type. However, women below 50 years of age are showing signs of improvement.
  • 2nd most commonly found cancer type: Studies have revealed that breast cancer is the second most cancer that commonly strikes women of all ages. However, it is also regarded to be the 2nd highest reason for cancer related deaths among women of all races and ethnicities. People in huge numbers unfortunately are not aware of the different types of risks that are associated with this disease. Moreover, poor lifestyle choices only have been increasing it. If diagnosed with it, there is a genuine need to consult a reputed and experienced physician to get immediate treatment. The physician will advise the right type of lifestyle and diet changes that needs to be introduced to improve the condition. Breast Cancer treatment in India cost being low, it is now possible for all patients to get the very best treatment.
  • Benign breast lumps: Women in huge numbers can find lumps created within their breast region. It is actually benign growths, which means these are non-cancerous it can be blood clots caused due to trauma or cysts, benign tumors such as nodules, mastitis, fibroadenomas or scar tissue. But these are not found to have any link with cancer.
  • Men also face risk: It is quite surprising, but the fact is this cancer type can also be developed by men. A good number of men are said to die from this illness and the chances of the male contracting it is 1:1000. Even though it is a small number, this disease should not be taken lightly by men.

The above are few of the facts about breast cancer that one should know, so as to take proper and timely treatment.

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