5 commandments of customer engagement on digital channels

Our role in marketing is rapidly evolving and often we feel like reinventing ourselves to keep with the pace. Learning about new digital platforms sparks the idea of rethinking our audience outreach tactics as well as target demographics. Understanding data, the world of internet, social media and web analytics become crucial and a key to survive in the digital world that is today.

Customers want engagement and real-time engagement is bridged through digital channels such as website, email and multiple social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pinterest and a gazillion others.

The actual challenge is deciding on the most effective channels from the pool, providing customers and prospects with just the engagement they wished for. Let’s have a look at rules of customer engagement on digital channels!

  1. Understand your audience/customer

Few of the tools introduced above give us the ability to mass collaborate in real-time and on a global scale. The digital tools let us be transparent, actual human, measure interest and learn as we move along. Each and every tool helps bridging the gap between customers and agencies, providing the most convenient platform for optimistic engagement.

  1. Plan development

Engagement with the audience isn’t merely an external channel but it accelerates activities, both; internal and behind the scenes. There’re many tools driving data that assists in determination of what’s actually effective and that which is a waste of time.

On our fingertips we’ve social channels, display search, remarketing strategies to improve customer acquisition, retention and services they desire. We use the digital platforms and data to reshape the corporate processes and develop a plan that enhances customer and employee communication, performance management, professional development and education.

  1. Two-sided communication

All these channels are two-way communicating platforms and require attention. You talk to them and they’ll talk back; engaging customers in an authentic way with primary focus being on fostering communication, impressions and transactions. The best way is developing conversations that establishes relationships and it’s all about listening and participating; not domination.

  1. Personalisation

Customers are overwhelmed with details pouring from every angle and you should stand out from the crowd by personalising each message and information. Use that data to customise the engagement experience among the audience and prospects. Customers today have just the control to see what they wish to see and sidestep what they don’t so be sure your approach and information is always welcomed and per their need. Give them just the opportunity to explore more about the company, the brand, the services, the strategy, the people and everything that you are.

  1. Add value

Digital marketing platforms align payment gateways, process development and product marketing with customers, communication, personalisation and planning. Because of this, we should ace partnership development thereby enhancing collaboration both; internally and externally.

Make use of compelling digital platforms that creates a seamless user experience and think beyond products and services; brainstorm on how to add customer value. The more involvement and empowered a customer, greater would be the communication and engagement.


Traffic Digital; a leading digital agency headquartered in Dubai pay special attention to all the steps as defined above and value its esteemed customers.

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