4 Reasons Why Family Vacations Are Important

Don’t we all we could go vacationing for 6 months, twice in a year? Yes, this sounds like a cliché, but as we all know, our brain, bodies and our spirits feel better after a deserved vacation free of work emails and constant deadlines, right.

But, there’s something many of us forget: the fact that vacationing with your kids is even better. You still have to be a parent, and you may not get all the me-time you want but, isn’t a heart swelling with happiness better than a relaxed week away from your kids?

Well, other than all the happiness radiating from your eyes as you watch your kids bicker, play and as you play with them, there are more benefits of vacationing with kids. Keep reading:

Kids love holidays

They may miss staying at home, and they will miss their friends, but kids value family vacations. And, if you and your spouse are on a rough patch, a vacation could help kids deal with the upcoming changes. You could take that time to reflect on buying a house married but separated.

Back to the kids: a family holiday will be etched in their minds for the rest of their lives. The little moments you share matter to kids more than all the new and fashionable clothes you buy them. So, play in the sand, share the tub of ice cream and show interest in what your kids are doing and talking about.

It enhances the development of the brain

This is not something you hear, but it’s the one thing a parent wishes to do to their kids. Every parent wants to encourage maximum brain development for their kids, and it turns out that a vacation is just as important as omega-3 fatty acids.

Wondering how? Well, the new experiences, sights, as well as the combined physical, the social, sensory, and cognitive interaction will result in a strong brain. All those new experiences are recorded in the brain and make it more powerful thanks to the genetic expression of the important cells of the frontal lobe.

Better development of the frontal lobe enhances stress regulation, planning, attention, concentration, and the ability to learn. It is also important in the improvement of your child’s (and yours) mental and physical health. The result: a higher IQ.

It is a happiness anchor

Asked to think back to the one moment in their lives that they were the happiest, most kids will remember the moments shared and their experiences on family vacations. Studies show that some adults use the memories from their childhood family vacations to deal with traumatic experiences and tough times.

You get new insights

You easily learn about the world by seeing it through a child’s eyes. In most cases, a family vacation involves learning from and about your kids. You will also learn about the things your kids learned while you were working. Basically, it tells you what to improve on. Above all, it teaches you simplicity.

Lastly, vacations open up the world for kids. They learn about new experiences. They will learn about new cultures and they will also develop new interests.

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